Type II Diabetes: A Fresh Perspective

Glucose is the problem and glucose is the solution!! Now that’s irony…And unfortunately, a way of life for the diabetic population. 371 million people in the world suffer from Diabetes out of which 187 million don’t even know they have the disease. Now let’s do some quick maths: Diabetic population=371 million; World population=7.5 billion. 5% of the people are diabetic!! And the numbers are increasing as you are reading this….

Now let’s review some facts – When we eat, our body turns food into glucose and this glucose is used by our cells for our body to function properly. Insulin is produced in our body and is the key that opens our cells so glucose can enter. For a diabetic person, this ‘insulin key’ stops working and so glucose builds up in the blood. This excessive blood glucose level can damage eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and can even cause coma and death.

Let’s consider David’s example:

David suffers from Type 2 Diabetes. He not only has high blood glucose levels but also suffers from chronic depression and Bulimia (an eating disorder in which a person Binge eats recurrently. It is influenced by depression). He goes to his local Diabetologist who prescribes oral medication to David which is aimed at helping his body use its own insulin more efficiently. He is also prescribed some painkillers to ease the pain from sores and cuts that just won’t heal  and is asked to follow a Diet plan.

Two weeks later, David is back for a consultation. Not only is he still diabetic but now he also suffers from heart palpitations as a result of restricted flow of blood to the heart. To make matters worse his blood pressure reads 160 by 100 and is a victim of insomnia and heightened anxiety.

What went wrong?

For this, we will have to take a peek at his genetic makeup. Genetically, David is a slow metabolizer of caffeine. This means that caffeine stays in his body longer than usual before it gets absorbed. The downside? High blood pressure and an elevated chance of a cardiac arrest. Little did David know that the Diet plan he was following was doing him more harm than good. Black tea was at the top of the list followed by pain killers. 4000 mg of caffeine per 30g of black tea… not getting absorbed by the body… and over a period of 2 weeks… That’s a lot of caffeine!!

Who’s to blame ?? – Nobody.

Well, David’s diabetologist couldn’t have known about his high sensitivity towards caffeine. His job was to keep diabetes in check, not to research about David’s genetic predispositions… And who was to know the diet plan wouldn’t work? The same diet plan had worked for other diabetics in the past with a success rate of 90%.

David’s way out.

David, being a smart lad understood that the same diet plan doesn’t work for everybody. He required a tailor-made plan- one that his body would agree to. Without further ado, he got a genetic analysis done which told him exactly how his body was built-up from inside. He got to know his sensitivities towards different food substances like carbs, fats, vitamins, caffeine, etc. as well as what foods to eat and what to avoid.

Finally, he took his genetic analysis report to his diabetologist who designed a diet plan based on it. In no time, David’s blood sugar reached normal levels and he did away with insulin injections too.

Today, David is a regular triathlon contestant and a fitness freak. Although he has to strictly follow his Diet plan, he also hasn’t had a diabetic attack in the past 4 years. The rewards surely outweigh the compromises!

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